Hidden treasure in the Things Portal interface

April 11, 2023

Filter on columns in tables e.g. In the Devices table, only see the Deactivated Devices or just the LocationTag type Devices?

Every table header in Things has an icon for more options (ellipsis stacked vertical). It will appear when placing your pointer over the column header on the other side of the column. Click to reveal a menu. If that column can be filtered, a filter icon (funnel) will show. Click the filter icon to reveal the filter options.

Save the current "view" of your table Did you filter and sort you table just the way you need it? And need it again tomorrow?

All settings are stored in the URL (the browser address). So, when you are satisfied with how your table looks, simply create a bookmark. Open that bookmark the next day and you'll have the same sorting, filtering, number of items per page and column visibility as before.

Filter on a list of Devices in the Devices table Have 5 out of hundreds Devices you need to keep an eye on?

The filter function described above has an extra special feature on the Devices table. Find the filter panel on the either the "Name" column or on "DevEUI / IMEI / DvnUUID". Besides the default filter setting "Contains", you can also select "In". When using "In" you can enter a comma separated list of values in that column. Be aware: The values need to exactly match the values you are looking for (no partial match) and the list should not contain extra spaces around the comma (no trailing spaces).

e.g. "Value A,Value B,1234-5678-4321-8765"

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